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Education Organization

Alacom proves the user's reliance by its observance of laws and ordinances.

An ethical standard of observing applicable laws and ordinances is highly important for any enterprises. It is required more so for security companies and in fact, such regulatory requirements are much stricter than other industries. For the accomplishment of the justice for the general society and its clients, Alacom executes programs as our own educational curriculum and conducts daily training to our staff as to any kind of practical security duties to be performed in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Alacom is Sure to meet with its clients' requirements for the protection of their properties by means of enhancing the security skill.

If and when any higher level security services that are supported with enough experiences, are needed, such as monitoring service controlled at emergency center, against the fire or burglars, transportation services for valuable items and handle-with-care delicate materials, such as hazardous ones including nuclear fuel etc. In such cases, security licenses are mandatory. Alacom's security staff members are in possession of high level of qualifications. In particular, Alacom's security supervisors in each field have sufficient security skills and they are capable of executing the protection of clients' properties in the most satisfactory manner, providing proper solutions to various day-to-day field problems.

Education Organization